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A little about me .......

 Hi I'm Claire your Person-Centred Counsellor I'm super excited to have you here. I know first hand how difficult it is to reach out for help, so first of all well done, you made it here and that is enough for now. Please take your time to look at my website and maybe you'll find some connection or relatability in what I have to share and the services I have to offer. Look forward to hearing from you.

I have previously worked as a Store Manager in a retail fashion business for 10yrs before moving on to become an Area Trainer delivering NVQ, B-Tech and Functional Skills qualifications across the North East and Teesside. I found on my visits to local businesses alongside being an assessor learners would confide in me, opening up in a way they didn't feel they could to their colleagues or boss. This began the spark of realising the benefit 1:1 support, active listening and walking alongside someone can have.

I'm a HUGE fan of Theatre, I am a qualified Dance Teacher and have previously been involved in Musical Theatre and Dance productions. I look forward to adding some mindful movement programs to my business.

In 2014 my life as I knew it came to a halt when I began to have nightmares, insomnia and panic attacks. In truth I didn't know what was happening to me as Mental Health was not something that was on my radar. Truth be told I was having a burnout through overworking, lack of boundaries, people pleasing, perfectionism and a total lack of self-regard or self-care. What followed were 8years in and out of MH services, on various medications, totally isolated from life. What finally supported me was finding my personal therapist through the work I complete with her I have been able to explore myself, uncovering historic trauma. In the knowledge and understanding of myself I have now been able to challenge my limiting beliefs, conditioning and begun to align with my authentic truth, not to criticise myself but instead to compassionately & curiously explore my life from my own perspective. This has allowed me hope and willingness to move toward change. It's in change we begin to live life as a fully functional wholehearted autonomous adult.

I hold the strong belief that people are perfectly imperfect, I've come to learn we are all fragmented but that our parts and our conflicting thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours can live adjacently alongside one another, life isn't either or - life is ALL (often all at once in a wave of overwhelm). If you can relate its okay, we can all become stuck, unhappy, poorly, lost, unable to live a fulfilling life.


That’s where I come in. I will bring all I've learnt from my own therapeutic journey of recovery alongside my training to support you, empathically alongside in working towards meeting you in your therapeutic needs, goals and aspirations. We can become 'unstuck' together. 

Connection is super hard when we are struggling with our Mental Health - but it is through connecting with others we find our way home to ourselves.


Our mind has over 6000 thoughts per day - that's a lot of thinking - but while our thoughts feel real, they are not facts. We must learn to be kind to our mind.


Our bodies are the vessel we use to carry us through this journey of 'life' full of emotion and motion. This is why it is so important we nurture & nourish ourselves.


Wholehearted living is when we can show up in the world as we are. Embracing the present moment & taking it in. To be able to feel ALL our feelings fully even the 'undesirable ones' as that is what makes us human.


For me our soul is the essence of who we are inside. Our soul is the gentle voice of intuition guiding us toward what will best serve us. It's through ignoring this we run into Mental Health struggles.


Showing up in the world as our 'true selves' can be scary. We often hide 'parts' of ourselves in order to avoid judgement. Dare to be YOU as it is in being your unique self you will find peace.


Qualifications & Training

CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling L4 (2022)

CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Studies L3

CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Skills L2

BACP Certificate of Proficiency

Certification in Online and Telephone Counselling

Adult Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid

ASIST Suicide First Aid

CRUSE Loss & Bereavement Training

Emergency First Aid at Work  

PTLLS (preparing to teach in lifelong learning sector)

AVA (Assessing Vocational Achievement)

NVQ Certificate in Management ALA

Certificate in Management Principles

CACHE Certificate for Teaching Assistants L3   

As your counsellor I am committed to my own continuous professional development (CPD). Updating my knowledge and skill set keeps me up-to-date with the latest techniques. I love to add more elements to my therapeutic practice to allow me to engage with clients in a way that best meets their needs. Knowledge is power & power is the key to understanding & to allow us to make sustainable change.

'Willingness is the Way towards change.' ~ CW

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