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My Services

Counselling Services

1:1 Face-to-Face Counselling

Client's can prefer accessing their therapy Face-to-Face if this is you I have a private, confidential, secure and accessible office space in Marske-by-the-Sea. The space has free parking and is also on near to local bus routes.
Room 5 The 
Lexington Building, TS11 6HB 
Longbeck industrial estate.
The room is only occupied by me, with a comforting and cosy vibe for us to spend your session together.
 There are toilet and kitchen facilities water will be provided at each session by myself. Session will last upto 1hr.

1:1 Online (zoom) Counselling

In the busy world we live in online therapy is fast becoming a trend. Online gives you the opportunity to access 1:1 counselling with myself from the comfort of your own home, making it more accessible at a time that better serves you and your lifestyle.
ALL 1:1 work I conduct is held in a private location and cannot be overheard or interrupted by others. I also respect the privacy of your home and what may be on show.

1:1 Telephone Counselling

Much like using an online platform Telephone counselling can be preferred by some clients, especially those feeling social anxiety. Telephone counselling again offers you the privacy to access support from your own home with your own comforts surrounding you.
ALL Telephone sessions held by me will be in a private remote location where we won't be interrupted or overheard. Telephone sessions to be booked as any other counselling session, I politely inform you this is not a crisis line.

Area's I have experience working with or can help with;-

Abortion, Abuse, Domestic violence, Emotional abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Anger management, Anxiety, Generalised anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, Attachment disorder, Bereavement, Bullying, Cancer, Carer support, Separation anxiety, Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, Depression, FibromyalgiaFeeling sad, Postnatal depression, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Disabilities, Discrimination, Dissociation, Eating Disorders, Infertility, Loneliness, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Miscarriage, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Health anxiety, Hoarding, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Redundancy, Relationship problems, Affairs and betrayals, Family issues, Separation and divorce, Self-harm, Sexuality, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Trauma - childhood / current, Burnout, Work-related stress, Friendship breakdown, Recovery from sudden illness / accidents.

Area's of personal Interest

I am passionate about those who have lost themselves through trauma, abandonment / attachment wounds, low-self worth, esteem and confidence from childhood conditioning, that have led to nervous system dysregulation and unhealthy coping patterns and habits


'YOU matter you have infinite worth and meaning and limitless possibility.' ~ CW

Additional Services & Ways to Connect

Wellness & Wellbeing

Courses coming soon - Spring  2024

Cuppa Club

Weekly Connect - zoom group coming soon - Spring 2024

Membership Academy

Membership Academy coming soon - Spring 2024

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