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'Willingness is the Way towards change.' ~ CW

Hey, I'm Clairey - it's so good to see you!







Welcome to my website, I'm super glad to have you here.

I am a Person-Centred therapist registered with the BACP. I adhere to their ethical framework in all my clinical work making sure clients receive the highest form of confidentiality and safety. I attend regular clinical supervision to ensure my business is fit to practice.

I pride myself in my duty of care towards all clients and providing a service that best meets your needs.

My approach is compassionate, kind, warm and friendly. I truly believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship and the strong, safe, secure and nurturing bond that can be built throughout the therapeutic work. In my own experience as both client and counsellor this trusting confidential connection enhanced my experience of therapy, allowing me to get to a place of self-acceptance, sustainable change, willingness & forward movement.

I believe that when we are met with compassion and empathy for where we find ourselves in the moment, and accepted for the perfectly imperfect person we are a wonderful process of willingness opens up.

If you find yourself in a place of struggle, illness, discomfort, uncertainty feeling lost, stuck or alone, limiting beliefs preventing you from living a fulfilling life, I can help. 


My Services


Work with me;



Why Wills Wellness & Wellbeing?

This idea came about when I myself suffered a mental breakdown in 2014 and lost my life as I knew it. Prior to this I had been a proactive person, I was able to be rational, logical and problem solve to find solutions. As I began to burn out these transferable skills I'd relied on all my life didn't seem to help me in my emotional and mental battle, it was like nothing I had ever experienced.

In the midst of my struggle I found that not all 'help' is 'helpful' there is no one size fits all approach.

Finding the right personal therapist for me was the catalyst to REAL change, in finding my truth connecting to what served me and my needs.

Since working on my own recovery and healing journey (which is a daily commitment) I am dedicated to creating a platform and business where we can connect in championing one another to GROW.

I passionately believe in therapy as I have seen first hand the difference being seen, heard and felt can do. In understanding ourselves we regain our power.


I offer 1:1 therapy on a range of difficulties, struggles or issues you may find yourself facing in your life right now. My approach is underpinned by the humanistic modality of Person-Centred therapy, putting you at the centre of our work together, focusing on meeting your needs session to session.

I truly believe counselling changes lives, in creating a safe, nurturing, supportive space, here you can;

 Build your Brave, Cultivate your Courage, Show your Strength & Rely on your Resilience.

You will be empowered, through a non-directive approach to become self-determining to align yourself to the life you desire reclaiming your autonomy & agency within your life, enabling you to move forward.

Through a non-judgemental & compassionate approach I will support you in making sustainable changes that will allow you to  recognise disrupting patterns / habits, providing you with useable tools / coping techniques to replace these with healthier choices that allow you to fulfil your potential in life.

Wellness & Wellbeing

I am passionate about valuing individuals as a whole-being.

I believe we cannot heal our Mental Health without considering our physical, social, emotional, vocational, environmental health to.

Wellness includes forming & practicing healthy habits to better balance our life.

Wellbeing is feeling good within ourselves meeting our needs.

A holistic approach looks at;

Mind - Body - Heart - Soul

In applying self-care to all aspects of 'us' we can lead a 

fully functional wholehearted life, driven by authenticity

Coming Soon  Spring 2024

My Wellness & Wellbeing courses look at Self-Care, Self-Soothing / Coping Techniques, Boundaries, Positive Self-Talk, Resilience, Conditioning / Limiting belief systems and Building Firm Foundations.

Available to adults 18+ for individual, group & business bookings.




   Mind       Body        Heart         Soul  

   Mind       Body        Heart         Soul  


As human's we need connection, life can be tough at times, I understand the 'pull' towards isolation when things get hard. Believe me I get it, I know it, I live it. I also know while isolation may protect us from further pain, it also prevents us from supportive connections. Self-isolation allows our critical internal chatter to become loud and separates us from the external compassion of others that we all need in our life.

This is why it is so important to;

 Connect - Share - Grow

Let's ALL support one another along our healing & recovery journeys. Follow my weekly blog to stay connected.

Continue on Continuing, I got you, you got me, we got this - stronger together always! #willsway

Coming Soon  Spring 2024

You can also subscribe to my members area where you will receive a monthly support email, additional resources & seasonal zoom members calls.

'Clairey's cuppa club' zoom group is also another low cost weekly way we can connect for £2 per session.

Come along for a chat & connection, share, offload, learn, grow.

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